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Abe and Bruno
PG | Family  |  Kids | Feature | Action  |  Adventure | Family  |  Kids
Best friends and roommates, ABE AND BRUNO enjoy their quiet life together. But when Abe gets sick, it's Bruno to the rescue... and their sleepy little town will never be the same again! Get ready for 500-pounds of hairy pandemonium when Bruno, a silverback gorilla, ventures out onto the streets and get acquainted with the town's alarmed inhabitants. The race is on to protect Abe's pal from being captured and confined to a zoo in this heartwarming comedy about loyalty, sacrifice and true friendship.
Henri Charr
Kevin Scott Allen Blythe Metz Brad J. Sergi
DVD | Release Date 02/19/2008 | 94 Mins. | $14.98 | ID3925HMDVD | 014381392524
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