Acid Eaters, The
NR | Cult Movie | Cult Movie
Buxom Pat Barrington (Mantis in Lace) is just one of THE ACID EATERS, a bunch of 9-to-5 working stiffs who become drug-crazed bikers on the weekend! After Miss Barrington kills a gal pal in a catfight and the deceased inexplicably returns as a girlfriend for a wacky artist Artie, the group enters a pyramid made of giant LSD sugar cubes (!) which is also the entrance to Hell (!!) where Artie suddenly turns into The Devil (!!!) and everything explodes into one Big Acid Orgy... Whoa. Easily the Sixties' most insane mix of sexploitation and psychedelia, David F. Friedman's THE ACID EATERS is soooooo out there that even the strongest of minds may become unhinged.
Byron Mabe
Pat Barrington Buck Kartalian Ernie F. Orsatti Lisa Lamont Bob Wren
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