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Babette / Monique, My Love
NR | Cult Movie | Cult Movie
"She Wore Sex like Other Women Wore Perfume!" Learning that sleazeball photographer Ramon is setting up "unusual and bizarre entertainments that run the gamut from old-fashioned orgies to the more perverse pleasures," kinky been-there-done-that sex kitten BABETTE wants in on the action and is soon wallowing in a threesome (with cult fave Uta Erickson), enjoying "female fun and games" with the Daughters of Lesbos and helping initiate a new member into Ramon's "secret society": "My reservoir of lust was overflowing!" Plus: Monique is so anxious to become a movie star that she gets naked for a producer, watches other naked girls in the producer's other naked movies, and finally ends up starring in a naked skinflick where she's tied up by a fetish freak. All of which is dutifully chronicled by her obsessed roommate Rita for a book entitled MONIQUE, MY LOVE whose final chapter is the inevitable girl-girl love scene... Gutter-level sinema at its best, these are two subversive gems that not only celebrate sexual anarchy but glorify women as self-contained sex machines who can get along very well without men, thank you.
Peter Woodcock
Gerri Miller Linda Boyce Uta Erickson
DVD | Release Date 12/12/2006 | 130 Mins. | $14.98 | ID3597SWDVD | 014381359725
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