Birds of a Feather: Series 1
Comedy | British TV
The birds are back in this British sitcom classic, but sisters Sharon (Pauline Quirke, Broadchurch) and Tracey (Linda Robson, Shine on Harvey Moon) have gone their separate ways and have not spoken in a long time. Meanwhile, their old friend Dorien (Lesley Joseph, Night and Day) has achieved fame under her pen name, Foxy Cohen, with her best-selling “erotic memoir,” Sixty Shades of Green. When the trio find themselves facing financial trouble, they bury the hatchet and move in together. As they deal with low-wage jobs, dubious tattoos, and kids—and exes—turning up on their doorstep, their full house overflows with hilarity. Returning after a 15-year hiatus, this beloved comedy “has stood the test of time and come out on the other side more brilliant and chaotic than ever” (Belfast Telegraph, UK).
Nick Wood Dez McCarthy
Pauline Quirke Linda Robson Lesley Joseph
DVD | Release Date 06/14/2016 | 184 Mins. | $34.99 | AMP2489 | 054961248995
DIGITAL | Release Date 06/14/2016 | 184 Mins. | AMP248900
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