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Blood Suckers / Blood Thirst
NR | Cult Movie | Horror
Vampires, psychedelic orgies, a gooey-faced monster, and Peter Cushing all star in this blood-spilling, blood-chilling Drive-In Double Feature. BLOOD SUCKERS: Vampirism as a sexual obsession enslaves Oxford scholar Richard Fountain when he visits Greece and falls in with a drug-crazed cult of homicidal swingers led by a kinky blood-drinker named Chriseis. Originally titled Incense for the Damned. BLOOD THIRST: Filipino women found with their blood drained bring American sex-crime expert Adam Rourke to Manila in search of the killer. Armed with a lisp and a mannequin named Harvey, Rourke soon becomes prey to a "Golden Goddess" possessed of eternal youth, and a creature whose face looks like melted flesh.
Newt Arnold Robert Hartford Davis
Patrick MacNee Robert Winston Vic Diaz Peter Cushing
DVD | Release Date 09/30/2008 | 153 Mins. | $9.98 | ID0585SWDVD | 014381058529
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