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Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty: The Plantagenets
Documentary | British TV | War  |  Military
Out of the chaos, darkness, and violence of the Middle Ages, one family seized control of England, holding on to power and ruthlessly crushing all competition for more than 300 years. Through dramatic reenactments, historical documents, and masterful storytelling, Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty: The Plantagenets tells a tale more shocking and brutal than anything found in fiction. Presented by award-winning journalist and acclaimed historian Dan Jones, Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty is history like you've never seen it before: one with overbearing fathers and weak sons, treacherous allies and adulterous wives, warring cousins and best friends turned mortal enemies. This four-part series shows how a great dynasty was driven by the rawest of emotions-greed, envy, love, hate-and the relentless pursuit of power. These kings murdered, betrayed, and tyrannized their way to spectacular success, forging England as a nation and dragging it, for better or for worse, into the modern world.
James Tovell Oliver Twinch
Dan Jones
DVD | Release Date 05/19/2015 | 188 Mins. | $39.99 | AMP2420 | 054961242092
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