Code, The: Season 2
Drama | Action  |  Adventure | Drama | Drama - Modern | Mystery - Modern | Television | Thriller
Months after unleashing a storm in the Australian government by exposing corrupt officials, hacker Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman, Manhattan) and his journalist brother, Ned (Dan Spielman, The Secret Life of Us), face the threat of extradition to the US on serious criminal charges. Fortunately for them, Australian authorities have an explosive case they cannot crack, and Jesse might have the skills they need to do it. The government’s target is the brilliant but volatile Jan Roth (Anthony LaPaglia, Without a Trace), proprietor of an online bazaar of illicit weapons, drugs, and dangerous ideas. Exchanging Jesse’s computer expertise for their freedom, the Banks brothers and Jesse’s girlfriend, Hani (Adele Perovic, Fell), delve into Roth’s dark world. But getting close to Roth could cost the trio not only their lives, but all that they hold dear.
Shawn Seet
Dan Spielman Ashley Zukerman Adele Perovic Sigrid Thornton Robyn Malcolm Ella Scott Lynch Ben Oxenbould Andrew McFarlane Geoff Morrell Anthony LaPaglia
DVD | Release Date 01/24/2017 | $39.99 | AMP2548 | 054961254897
DIGITAL | Release Date 01/24/2017 | 351 Mins. | AMP254800
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