Comedy Express Presents: Adam Hunter: Disfunctional
NR | Stand-Up | Comedy | Television
Kicked out of Vegas! He's been to the strip clubs, the bars, the sperm banks, and has the scars to prove it. That's Adam Hunter, unapologetic in his own brand of raw, sometimes over the top, but always funny comedy. Adam Hunter is one of a fresh new wave of comics like Sarah Silverman, who'll have you saying "Did he just say that!?!" Unpredictable, uncensored and hilarious. Adam Hunter's unorthodox take on single-life in the 21st century will leave you laughing out loud. Be among the first to catch the new wave in comedy with Adam Hunter!
Dean Blagg Reginald Rutherford
Adam Hunter
DVD | Release Date 12/18/2007 | 50 Mins. | $9.98 | ID3443SFFDVD | 014381344325
DIGITAL | Release Date 12/18/2007 | 50 Mins. | ID3443SFF00
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