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Creepy Kids Collection: Echo, Aberration, Fingerprints, Daisy Chain Quad
Horror | Feature | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
ECHO (2009, R, 96 mins) Fear and paranoia seep from every wall in this tense and creepy psychological thriller from the producers of The Ring and Dark Water. Jesse Bradford (W., Bring It On) is Bobby Walker, fresh out of prison and living in his dead mother's apartment as a condition of his parole. Plagued by eerie echoes of the dead trapped in the building, Bobby's terror mounts as he begins to suspect his neighbors had a sinister hand in his mother's death...and could come for him next. ABERRATION ( 2013, NR, 85 mins ) On the outside, Christy Dawson is just a normal high school student, but she hides a chilling secret. Caught between the worlds of the living and the dead, she has been plagued by horrific, terrifying visions. With the appearance of a ghostly young boy, these horrific glimpses of evil begin bleeding into her reality. Someone or something is killing everyone around her, and her only hope of survival is to uncover the truth behind a mystery that has shrouded the entire town in terror. FINGERPRINTS ( 2008, R, 96 mins ) In this terrifying supernatural thriller, a troubled teenager sets out on a grisly path to discover the disturbing truth behind a well-known urban legend. Haunted for fifty years by the horrifying tale of a train colliding with a school bus, killing all the children aboard, the small town left behind continues to suffer as a stomach-churning chain of murders claims victim after victim. Brought to life by a stand-out cast including Kristin Cavallari (MTV's The Hills), Leah Pipes (Sorority Row), Josh Henderson (Desperate Housewives), Lou Diamond Phillips (Stand and Deliver), Andrew Lawrence (United States of Tara) and Sally Kirkland (Bruce Almighty), FINGERPRINTS will leave its mark on your nightmares! DAISY CHAIN (2010, R, 87 mins) The very nature of evil drives this chilling psychological thriller. Oscar nominee* Samantha Morton (Minority Report) and Steven Mackintosh (The Escapist) are Martha and Tomas, a grieving couple who move to a remote Irish village in the wake of their baby daughter's death. Touched by a traumatized, autistic girl whose entire family has perished in tragic accidents, they open their home to young Daisy. Martha believes that with her love, she can help Daisy...until a disturbing series of strange occurrences leads her to believe that her little girl may not be as innocent as she seems. *Best Actress: In America, 2003
Aisling Walsh Douglas Elford-Argent Harry Basil Yam Laranas
Carlos Leon David Bradley Amelia Warner Jesse Bradford Josh Henderson Kristian Capalik Gwendolyn Garver Leah Pipes Mhairi Anderson Kristin Cavallari Steven Mackintosh Lou Diamond Phillips Cal Thomas Sally Kirkland Samantha Morton
DVD | Release Date 11/03/2015 | 364 Mins. | $19.98 | ID00377IMDVD | 014381003772
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