Dark World
R | Mystery | Drama | Feature | Thriller
This gripping film noir follows in the best traditions of Hitchcock and Chandler. Starring Michael Pare (Eddie and the Cruisers, The Virgin Suicides), Theresa Russell (Black Widow, Wild Things), James Russo (Open Range, The Ninth Gate) and Steven Bauer (Primal Fear, Scarface), a former LA cop gets entangled in a web of sex and betrayal when his niece is abducted.
Zia Mojabi
Michael Pare Theresa Russell James Russo Steven Bauer Charles Arthur Berg Julie St. Claire
DVD | Release Date 12/02/2008 | 95 Mins. | $14.98 | CIN5154DVD | 014381515428
DIGITAL | Release Date 12/02/2008 | 95 Mins. | CIN515400
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