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David E. Talbert Triple Feature (What My Husband Doesn't Know / Suddenly Single / A Fool and His Money)
Not Rated | Drama | Urban | Comedy | Stage Play
WHAT MY HUSBAND DOESN'T KNOW (2011, NR, 113 Mins.) Lena Summer (Michelle Williams) is the envy of all her friends. Big house. Successful husband. It's the perfect life... or so it seems. But with her husband's busy schedule, the other side of Lena's bed is too cold too often. When a handsome young plumber (Brian White) is hired to work on their home, the spark Lena's been seeking quickly rages into a wildfire. SUDDENLY SINGLE (2012, NR, 98 Mins) Samantha Stone (Garcelle Beauvais), a smart and beautiful wife and mother, has been happily married to her high school sweetheart Sylvester Stone (Isaiah Washington) for seventeen years. On the day they're set to move into their dream home, Sylvester confesses that he is leaving her for another woman. What do you do when the only man you've ever loved falls in love with another woman and leaves you suddenly single? Find out in David E. Talbert's latest... a captivating tale of love, laughter, and new beginnings! A FOOL AND HIS MONEY (2011, NR, 105 Mins.) You'll laugh till it hurts in this heartwarming tale of a down-on-their-luck family that wins a radio contest for a million dollars. Now it seems everybody wants a piece of their new found fortune, including a long lost uncle played masterfully by comedian Eddie Griffin. You'll be rich with love and laughter in this must-see musical for the entire family!
David E. Talbert
Brian White Eddie Griffin Michelle Williams Garcelle Beauvais Isaiah Washington
DVD | Release Date 10/01/2013 | 316 Mins. | $19.98 | TSD8653DVD | 0014381865325
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