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Death Curse Tartu / Sting of Death
Un-Rated | Cult Movie | Horror | Sci-Fi  |  Fantasy
Four archaeology students deep in the Florida Everglades activate the DEATH CURSE OF TARTU when they start making out and go-go dancing on an ancient Indian burial ground. This so annoys Tartu, a Seminole witch doctor dead some 400 years, that his decomposed corpse comes to life, changes into a variety of animals, and promptly starts killing everyone. Then a mad marine biologist sneaks off to an underwater lab, transforms himself into a mutant half-man, half-jellyfish, and attacks college kids with his STING OF DEATH! Why? Because he's in love! Really. And with his giant bulbous head, the jellyfish man may very well be the single most hilarious-looking movie monster yet committed to film.
William Grefe
Fred Pinero Babette Sherrill Bill Marcus Joe Morrison Valerie Hawkins Neil Sedaka
DVD | Release Date 09/30/2008 | 164 Mins. | $9.98 | ID0800SWDVD | 014381080025
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