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Ding Dong: A Night in the Moulin Rouge / Merry Maids of the Gay Way
NR | Cult Movie | Drama
Nudies and Cuties in Big-Time Burlesque! Oo-o-o-o la la! If you love beautiful girls, head on over to The Moulin Rouge Theatre in Oakland, California, and make a date with Illona, "The Bavarian Orchid," in Ding Dong (aka Night at the Moulin Rouge)! It's an evening of Snappy, Spicy, Socko Adult Entertainment featuring such Shapely Strippers and Dance-Happy Dolls as Jennie Lee, Iva Pratt ("The Beautiful Belle of the Blue Ridge Mountains"), Pat Flannery, Doreen ("The Bashful Blonde with the Beautiful Bend") and The Red Mill Cuties! Joining them is the Baggy-Pants Comedy of ace funsters George "Bettlepuss" Lewis, Charlie Crafts, and Little Jack Little! So, c'mon boys, don't be shy! Step right up and go Ding Dong!But wait! The Magnificent Zabouda struts her stuff on our second stage along with Cherri Lee ("New Orleans Pepper Pot"), Betty Shay ("The India Rubber Girl"), Taffy Terrell ("The Kandy Kid from Texas"), and all the other Merry Maids of the Gay Way! It's a complete evening of Gorgeous Gals and Crazy Comics in Two Great Whirly-Girly Shows that will make you Sit Up Straight in Your Seat!
James R. Connell W. Merle Connell
Charlie Crafts Cherri Lee Iva Pratt Jennie Lee Pat Flannery Sherry Winters Betty Shay Doree Zaboud George Lewis Illon Taffy Terrell Little Jack Little
DVD | Release Date 08/01/2006 | 146 Mins. | $9.98 | ID3170SWDVD | 014381317022
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