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Disciples of Shaolin
Not Rated | Action  |  Adventure | Foreign Language | Martial Arts
Impetuous young martial arts master Kuan takes a job at a textile factory where another disciple of the revered Shaolin discipline warns him about the rival Manchu clan, who run another nearby mill. Combat breaks out between the two warring camps, with Kuan becoming his boss' right-hand man but becoming distracted by the promise of wealth. Soon his skills are put to the test by his opponents, who practice expert boxing and the deadly "Iron-Finger Lock" which can kill a man in his tracks. One of the all-time highlights in kung fu movie history, this action spectacle made a star of leading man Alexander Fu Sheng (The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, Heroes Shed No Tears) and remains a stunning high point in modern action cinema.
Chang Cheh
Alexander Fu Sheng Sheng Fu Kuan-Chun Chi Ming Li Chen
DVD | Release Date 11/10/2009 | 107 Mins. | $19.98 | ID4592XFDVD | 014381459227
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