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Doc Martin: Series 1
Drama | British TV | Comedy | Drama | Drama - Modern | Television
Meet Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes, Men Behaving Badly), an eminent physician with a nasty disposition. Forced to give up his career as a London surgeon after developing a fear of blood, he takes a job as GP in the sleepy Cornish village of Portwenn. His irascible manner and permanent scowl soon have the town in an uproar; he insults each patient he sees and offends nearly everyone else. The only person who's glad to see him is his aunt Joan. Quirky characters, comic situations, and impossibly picturesque scenery have made DOC MARTIN a smash hit on both sides of the Atlantic. Clunes is brilliant as the arrogant physician with a head full of knowledge but no people skills. Will he throw in the towel or succumb to the charms of village life, including those of lovely schoolteacher Louisa Glasson (Caroline Catz, Murder in Suburbia)?
Ben Bolt
Martin Clunes Caroline Catz Stephanie Cole Ian McNeice
DVD | Release Date 05/07/2013 | 281 Mins. | $29.99 | AMP8671 | 054961867196
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