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Doc Martin: Series 5
Drama | British TV | Comedy | Drama | Drama - Modern | Television
Fatherhood hasn't softened the dour Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes, Men Behaving Badly). He's about to take a new position in London when events conspire to keep him in Portwenn. His infant son with Louisa (Caroline Catz, Murder in Suburbia) needs a name, his replacement doesn't seem up to the job, and he receives devastating news. Like it or not, he's stuck in the scenic Cornish village with its quirky inhabitants-most of whom have grudgingly grown rather fond of the grumpy doctor. Although Martin has largely mastered his fear of blood, he still has no clue how to manage his life. How can he cope with sleepless nights, an aunt with issues, a flaky new receptionist, Louisa's hippie mother, and the usual village dramas? This season, Emmyr winner Eileen Atkins (Cranford) joins the cast of the award-winning British drama.
Ben Bolt Paul Seed
Martin Clunes Caroline Catz
DVD | Release Date 06/05/2012 | 368 Mins. | $39.99 | AMP8775 | 054961877591
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