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Electronic Lover / The Spy Who Came
NR | Cult Movie | Cult Movie
Programmed to Love! A psychotic voyeur known as "Master" satisfies his overwhelming urge to peep by building himself an Electronic Lover - an elaborate computer-like machine that allows him to sit in front of a monitor while his oddball servant "Brother" sticks a remote camera into the windows of unsuspecting women. As Uta Erickson, Linda Boyce and other visions of pulchritude send the delirious Master into hallucinatory spasms, reality and illusion completely blur until he, like this film, goes tumbling off the deep end... Plus: Join The Spy Who Came as vice cop Harry Harris (Warhol star Louis Waldon) falls into the clutches of an opium-addicted Arab and his "scientifically conditioned" female love slaves! (Think The Curious Dr. Humpp meets Olga's House of Shame.) Controlled by drugs, bondage, and an evil lesbian's brainwashing machine, the robot-like lovelies are all part of the Arab's bizarre blackmail scheme until horny Harry helps instigate an old fashioned love-slave rebellion!
Jesse Berger Ron Wertheim
Jean Carrol Linda Boyce Louis Waldon Mike Atkinson Phillipa Reed Uta Erickson
DVD | Release Date 01/23/2007 | 152 Mins. | $14.98 | ID3599SWDVD | 014381359923
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