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Escape Your Shape: 21-Day Body Makeover
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Do you feel stuck with your body shape? Are you working out but not seeing results? Maybe the exercises you're doing aren't right for you. Everyone has a particular body shape, whether it's an hourglass, ruler, or spoon. To make the most of working out, you need to do exercises tailored to your physique. Based on a patented system that delivers proven results, this program contains two 20-minute circuit workouts for each body type. Learn the quickest and most effective way to flatten your waistline, slim your thighs, tone your arms, and conquer your stubborn problem areas. By doing the correct exercises for your shape, you'll burn fat and lose inches in just three weeks. So break out of that exercise rut and finally get the body you've always wanted!
Ernie Schultz
DVD | Release Date 11/19/2013 | 60 Mins. | $16.99 | AMP2122 | 054961212293
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