Exhale: Core Fusion Body Sculpt
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A quarter of a million people have transformed their bodies at the exclusive Exhale Spa-now you can get these same results at home. Build a strong core, develop washboard abs, improve posture, and create a tighter, firmer physique with CORE FUSION BODY SCULPT. This total-body program employs exercises that tone and sculpt your deepest, hard-to-reach muscles so it's more efficient and effective than traditional strength training. You'll use your own body weight as resistance and small hand weights to really challenge and build your muscles. Segmented into five focused workouts of just 10 minutes each, these exercises target the whole body, from arms and shoulders to glutes, hips, thighs, and abs. The unique Core Fusion system will strengthen your body, quiet your mind, and improve your overall well-being while redefining your physique from head to toe.
James Wvinner
Fred DeVito Elisabeth Halfpapp
DVD | Release Date 12/02/2008 | 50 Mins. | $14.99 | AMP8123 | 054961812394
DIGITAL | Release Date 07/16/2013 | 50 Mins. | AMP812300
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