Exhale: Core Fusion Lean and Toned
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A quarter of a million people have transformed their bodies at exhale, the exclusive mind/body spa. Now you can get these same results at home. Lengthen, strengthen, and transform your physique with CORE FUSION LEAN AND TONED. This program targets all the major muscle groups in five 10-minute segments, each focused on a different part of the body. You can tailor your practice to time constraints, or do them all together for an invigorating total-body workout. Bringing the mind/body spa experience home, Elisabeth and Fred teach LEAN AND TONED like one of exhale's nationally renowned Core Fusion classes. Subtle but intense moves increase your heart rate, helping you burn calories and lose weight as you tone. Soon you'll have flat abs, firm glutes, chiseled arms, and slender legs. And since the unique Core Fusion approach mixes stretching and sculpting moves, your newly defined muscles will be long and lean. Reshape your body, and enjoy the workout the celebs are raving about! Includes 5 min. bonus stretch.
Fred DeVito Elisabeth Halfpapp
DVD | Release Date 05/04/2010 | 55 Mins. | $16.99 | AMP8378 | 054961837892
DIGITAL | Release Date 05/04/2010 | 55 Mins. | AMP837800
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