Exhale: Core Fusion Power Sculpt
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Get lean thighs, a lifted butt, toned arms, and washboard abs with this dynamic twist on strength training. Combining lengthening yoga-type postures with light hand weights, this high-energy sculpting program will give you a shapely, defined physique in no time. Taught like one of exhale's nationally renowned Core Fusion classes, POWER SCULP is an invigorating blend of yoga, Pilates, strength training, and Core Fusion's trademark deep-muscle movements. With five 10-minute segments, you can focus on your trouble spots or do the complete program for an intense and rewarding total-body workout. Shed inches and get lean, long, and strong with this energizing workout.
Fred DeVito Elisabeth Halfpapp
DVD | Release Date 12/06/2011 | 55 Mins. | $16.99 | AMP8728 | 054961872893
DIGITAL | Release Date 12/06/2011 | 55 Mins. | AMP872800
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