R | Sci-Fi  |  Fantasy | Action  |  Adventure | Feature
In the near future as fear of terrorism escalates, privacy is a luxury of the past. Now, in people's homes, on the streets, in the workplace, everyone is constantly being watched by mobile robotic cameras known as "Eyeborgs." But are the cameras just watching...or are they up to something else? As an increasing number of people die in bizarre ways, federal agent Gunner Reynolds (Adrian Paul, TV's Highlander) is determined to find out after he realizes that a camera has recorded an event much differently than he recalls.
Richard Clabaugh
Adrian Paul Danny Trejo Megan Blake Luke Eberl
Blu-ray Disc | Release Date 07/06/2010 | 102 Mins. | $17.97 | EYE6567BD | 014381656756
DVD | Release Date 07/06/2010 | 102 Mins. | $9.98 | EYE6556DVD | 014381655629
DIGITAL | Release Date 07/06/2010 | 102 Mins. | EYE655600
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