From This Day Forward
Not Rated | Comedy | Urban | Drama
Patrice and Corrine are two sexy, confident women with great relationships, but they've got it all wrong when it comes to love. Before they drive their men crazy, they've got some tough lessons to learn about trust and fidelity, if they hope to make love last. Starring Leon, Essence Atkins, Vanessa Simmons and Antwon Tanner, FROM THIS DAY FORWARD is the fresh and funny look at romance, run-ins and bad decisions.
Roger Melvin
Leon Essence Atkins Vanessa Simmons Antwan Tanner JoMarie Payton Marcus T. Gray (aKa Flame)
DVD | Release Date 08/13/2013 | 88 Mins. | $14.98 | SWR8531DVD | 014381853124
DIGITAL | Release Date 08/13/2013 | 88 Mins. | SWR853100
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