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Goliath and the Dragon
NR | Cult Movie | Action  |  Adventure | Sci-Fi  |  Fantasy
While strongman Goliath is busy battling a fire-spewing three-headed doggie and a giant bat-monster in the "Cave of Horrors," his brother Illus has made the mistake of falling in love with the bride-to-be of evil King Eurystheus (played by Broderick Crawford). Responsible for the death of Goliath's parents, Eurystheus captures Illus and sentences him to death. Worse, a centaur kidnaps Goliath's wife and delivers her to the temperamental tyrant. Naturally, Goliath goes ballistic, flexes his muscles, and clobbers all the king's men. GOLIATH AND THE DRAGON comes complete with "A Cast of Thousands," goofy monsters, elephant wrestling, temple wrecking, a Goliathquake, and a comical midget!
Alfonso Brescia Vittorio Cottafavi
Mark Forest Broderick Crawford Leonora Ruffo
DVD | Release Date 08/14/2001 | 216 Mins. | $14.98 | ID0802SWDVD | 014381080223
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