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Greats, The: Collector's Edition
Documentary | Biography
Greatness is more than individual excellence - it expands our definition of the possible. When we celebrate the greats, we celebrate ourselves. Every personal triumph is a win for humanity at large. Greatness can blaze forth from any corner of the globe; from any walk of life. It is, quite simply, the stuff that our dreams and aspirations are made of. The Greats shines a spotlight on this elusive, but most instantly recognizable, human trait. This incredible flash-biography collection covers the entire spectrum of achievement. It's like being invited to a party with 116 of the most intelligent, most athletic, most expressive, and most attractive people who have ever lived. Whether you are interested in science, politics, sports, the arts, social justice, or all of the above - you are bound to be changed by your encounters with the likes of Martin Luther King, Queen Elizabeth, Albert Einstein, Babe Ruth, Anne Frank, Nelson Mandela, and Barbara Streisand. Inspiration awaits! DELUXE INSPIRATION COLLECTION includes: Deluxe box packaging 25 inspirational quote cards, including portraits of the 'Greats' who said them.
John Stanton
DVD | Release Date 09/22/2015 | 650 Mins. | $39.98 | GB951461 | 628261146192
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