Half Pint Brawlers: Season 1
Not Rated | Documentary | Television | Special Interest | Sports | Action  |  Adventure
HALF PINT BRAWLERS chronicles the often-absurd yet astonishing and wild adventures of one of the most extraordinary performance groups in the country. These self-proclaimed hardcore little person wrestlers, led by their gregarious owner, Puppet "The Psycho Dwarf," entertain crowds in venues all across the U.S. with their unique brand of wrestling prowess. Along the way, Puppet must deal with issues surrounding little person wrestling events while at the same time keeping his rambunctious wrestlers in line. And as "The Brawlers" travel the underground wrestling circuit, you'll have a front row seat to see all of the action inside the ring. and their wild, chaotic lifestyles outside the ring. Episodes: 28 Stitches to the Head, The Rookie Pays His Dues, Little Persons, Big Easy, The Southern Pride Festival, Mischief in Mexico, The Littlest Battle Royale Ever!
Half Pint Brawlers
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