R | Drama | Comedy | Urban | Romance
A group of college friends reunite for homecoming weekend nearly 2 years after graduation. They happily reminisce about their university memories, teasing each other and rekindling their close friendships. But cracks in the surface start to show as they remember one of their old roommates, Robert, whose recent death brings up long-hidden secrets, lingering emotions and painful regrets. With college in their rear view mirror, the group must learn to embrace the power of friendship, love and forgiveness.
Eugene J. Ashe
Duane Allen-Robinson Nina Ashe Ruby Miles Sheldon Shaw Tiffany-Denise
DVD | Release Date 10/22/2013 | 93 Mins. | $14.98 | SLW8460DVD | 014381846027
DIGITAL | Release Date 10/22/2013 | 93 Mins. | SLW846000
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