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House Divided, A: Series 2
Drama | Romance
With family matriarch Pamela now deceased, outsider Carissa Walker is only a few scheming steps away from taking control of the powerful Sanders family and their fortune. But she didn’t count on the return of Pamela’s sister, Alexis, to stand in her way…with a bombshell of a secret. Haunted by his past, Camron must come to terms with the imminent death of his father. While Torrance rebounds from a gunshot wound, trying to reclaim his basketball career, siblings Stephanie and Cam Jr. face their own demons, struggling to gain leverage within the family. And on the eve of Carissa and Cam’s wedding, a series of violent and emotional confrontations could spell the end of the Sanders dynasty.
Dan Garcia Honesty J. Edwards Michael Mayhall
Brad James Demetria Mckinney Lawrence Hilton Jacobs Paula Jai Parker
DVD | Release Date 09/15/2020 | $17.96 | UMC11131DVD | 014381111316
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