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House of Eliott: Complete Collection, The
NR | Drama | British TV | Drama - Costume | Drama - Period | Television
From the creators of Upstairs, Downstairs (Jean Marsh, Eileen Atkins) comes an addictive drama series set in the era of flappers and suffragettes. Louise Lombard (Hidalgo, CSI) and Stella Gonet (Nicholas Nickleby) star as Evangeline and Beatrice Eliott, sisters born into wealth and privilege who must support themselves after their profligate father dies and leaves them penniless. They have no education or training, just a passion for fashion design. As suitors try to woo them and scoundrels try to trip them up, they make independent, exciting lives for themselves and the women they employ in their house of haute couture. Seen on A&E, PBS, and BBC America. Winner of top awards for costume design, including an Emmyr and a BAFTA.
Rodney Bennett Gwennan Sage Jeremy Silberston Richard Standeven Alex Kirby Nicholas Prosser Graeme Harper Alister Hallum June Howson Ken Hannam
Louise Lombard Stella Gonet
DVD | Release Date 11/05/2013 | 1767 Mins. | $79.99 | AMP2110 | 054961211098
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