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How to Look at a Painting
NR | Documentary | Special Interest
Justin Paton is on a mission to show the rest of us why looking at a painting is worthwhile and to help us figure out how to do it. In this thought-provoking series, Paton demystifies art and answers the questions we might be too embarrassed to ask. What is there to see in an abstract painting? Why do portraits grab us? Is it wrong to feel exhausted by big-city museums? Why should we care about paintings anyway? Along the way, the New Zealand author, curator, and art reviewer takes us on a dazzling journey across the painted world. Paton visits not only great international galleries and collections but also studios where works are in progress and the paint is still wet. He talks to artists and dealers, sharing his passion for painting and helping us begin to look at art with new eyes-revealing a window on the world around us and an opening to worlds we've never dreamed of.\r\n
Justin Paton
DVD | Release Date 11/18/2014 | 278 Mins. | $49.99 | AMP2285 | 054961228591
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