Impy's Island
G | Family  |  Kids | Animation
On a magical tropical island, a fun-loving group of misfit animals and people make a marvelous discovery...a baby dinosaur frozen since prehistoric times! Little Impy, as they call him, is loving his new family and ready to explore this strange new world. But when a king from a faraway country vows to capture the loveable baby dino for his private collection, all the inhabitants of Impy's island must join together to save their new friend.
Holger Tappe Reinhard Klooss
Wigald Boning Anke Engelke
DVD | Release Date 11/11/2008 | 80 Mins. | $14.98 | HWF5067DVD | 014381506723
DIGITAL | Release Date 11/11/2008 | 80 Mins. | HWF506700
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