Jack Irish: The Movies
Drama | Drama - Crime | Mystery - Modern
Jack Irish is down on his luck. Reeling from his wife’s murder, the former lawyer has reinvented himself as a private investigator and debt collector, with a penchant for drowning his demons at the local pub. When an old client dies, Jack is thrust back into the criminal underworld that took everything away from him—but might offer his only chance at redemption. World-weary with a dash of dark humor, Jack takes on cases that dig into the dregs of Australian society and expose conspiracy and corruption among the power elite. Along the way, he becomes involved with smart, ambitious journalist Linda Hillier (Marta Dusseldorp, A Place to Call Home), who realizes there’s an honorable man hiding behind his disheveled exterior. Emmy® winner Guy Pearce (Memento, Iron Man 3) delivers a “funny, sexy performance as a flawed hero whose vulnerabilities are his strongest suits” (The Washington Post) in these three television movies based on the award-winning novels Bad Debts, Black Tide, and Dead Point by Peter Temple.
Jeffrey Walker
Guy Pearce Marta Dusseldorp Aaron Pederson Roy Billing
DVD | Release Date 07/26/2016 | 289 Mins. | $39.99 | AMP2491 | 054961249190
Blu-ray Disc | Release Date 07/26/2016 | 289 Mins. | $39.99 | AMP2494 | 054961249497
DIGITAL | Release Date 07/26/2016 | AMP249100
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