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Joys of Jezebel / My Tail Is Hot, The
NR | Cult Movie | Drama | Horror
Dead for a week, bad girl Jezebel can't enjoy the pleasures of Hell until she first gets revenge on the man who killed her. So she makes a deal with The Devil: he'll let her return topside providing she finds a soul to replace hers. In fact, Lucifer suggests the soul of Rachel (Dixie Donovan), a buxom airhead who happens to be a virgin. Presto-change-o, Jezebel and Rachel swap bodies resulting in Rachel acting like a slut above while Jezebel behaves bashfully below... Full of writhing bodies and sinning souls, THE JOYS OF JEZABEL is a witty sex fantasy from the creative team of David F. Friedman (The Erotic Adventures of Zorro) and Peter Perry (The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill). And, hey, who knew Hell was so psychedelic? Plus: Things are so slow in Hell that Lucifer's wife goads him into drumming up business, starting with Mr. Ben Hur. Since Ben has just been named "World's Most Faithful Husband," The Devil attempts to corrupt him with a bevy of naked lovelies. But nope, not only can't the little guy be tempted, but he's got his own surprise for Satan... Produced by Dan Sonney ("Money by Sonney") and featuring rare footage of the legendary Candy Barr, MY TAIL IS HOT (aka Always on Monday) is a wacky Nudie Cutie from the guys who made Kiss Me Quick, full of dumb jokes and nekkid girls, all "Filmed in Living Skin-A-Scope!"
Peter Perry
Candy Barr Christopher Stone Max Gardens Dixie Donovan Christine Murray Little Jack Little
DVD | Release Date 05/01/2007 | 136 Mins. | $14.98 | ID3600SWDVD | 014381360028
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