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Karate: The Hand of Death
NR | Cult Movie | Action  |  Adventure | Foreign Language | Martial Arts
See: Kung-Fu Masters! Devil Weapons! The Ultimate in Martial Arts! See: The Deadly Stroke of Bare-Hand Combat! Furious Fighting! Skull-Cracking Action! Bone-Crushing Attacks! It'll Kung the Fu Out of You! Before there was Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, or Oddjob, there was KARATE: HAND OF DEATH, the first martial arts movie ever released in America! When an ex Nazi is murdered in the streets of Japan, a mysterious coin stolen from his corpse is found in the possession of Matt Carver, an American with a black belt in Karate and huge scars on his knuckles to prove it. Besieged by killers who crave the coin, Carver quickly learns that it leads to a million-dollar fortune in stolen plutonium as well as a duel to the death with a karate chopping psycho -- all in glorious eye-splitting widescreen!
Joel Holt
Frank Blaine Joel Holt
DVD | Release Date 02/03/2004 | 80 Mins. | $9.98 | ID1608SWDVD | 014381160826
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