Keeping Faith: Series 1
Mystery | British TV | Drama | Drama - Modern | Mystery - Modern | Television | Thriller
Award-winning actress Eve Myles (Torchwood, Broadchurch) stars in this BBC thriller as Faith Howells, a fun-loving lawyer with a happy marriage and three children, enjoying an extended maternity leave from the law firm she founded with her husband, Evan (Bradley Freegard, Doctors). Then one day, Evan leaves for work but never arrives. Faith scrambles to handle the clients Evan left behind, all while trying to find out what happened to her husband. As the days go by with no sign of him, Faith becomes the police’s prime suspect, and her search for the truth leads her to the criminal underbelly of her quiet Welsh town. When long-buried family secrets come to light, Faith wonders if she ever really knew her husband at all. Filmed on location along the stunning Welsh coast, this suspense-filled mystery also stars Mark Lewis Jones (Master and Commander), Matthew Gravelle (Broadchurch), Eiry Thomas (The Indian Doctor), and Aneirin Hughes (Hinterland).
Pip Broughton Andy Newbery
Eve Myles Mark Lewis Jones Hannah Daniel Matthew Gravelle Bradley Freegard Mali Harries Aneirin Hughes Eiry Thomas
DVD | Release Date 07/24/2018 | 480 Mins. | $49.99 | AMP2668 | 054961266890
DIGITAL | Release Date 07/24/2018 | AMP266800
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