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Love Merchant / The Layout, The
NR | Cult Movie | Drama
"I want you to do wild things to me! Unbelievable wild things!" Warhol star Louis Waldon (Lonesome Cowboys) is THE LOVE MERCHANT, a biker named Click Boyd who's the personal procurer of willing women for "millionaire bum" Kendall Harvey III: "With my contacts, I could feed you broads for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!" And while Click has no trouble finding gals eager to trade sex for cash, Kendall has his sights set on Peggy Johns. Trouble is, Peggy is not only "square" but happily married. But when her husband's business suddenly goes bust, Kendall offers to help him out IF she will be his bedmate for 48 hours. This sexploitation version of Indecent Proposal - though made 27 years earlier! - is another smart skinflick from the sublime Joe Sarno that also features appearances by nudie-faves June Roberts and Cleo Nova! Plus: "Wendy Dawn is committing adultery with a building contractor, and Pam Ritchie crumbles under the advances of an outraged wife!" So summarizes evil Ellen as she surveys THE LAYOUT of cousin Pam and her suburban-Florida swingers. Anxious to prove that "untouchable" Pam is less an ice princess than a latent lesbian, Ellen seduces Pam's female friends until they all end up in Pam's bedroom for one big girl-girl party. Featuring the infamous Chuck Traynor, the man who introduced Linda Lovelace to the world, as the only guy in the cast, here's another slick Sarno straight from the Golden Age of the American Nudie!
Joe Sarno
Barbara Lance Howard Dale Jean Muniz Joanna Mills Lorraine Claire Rene Howard June Roberts Betty Whitman Louis Waldon Cleo Nova Patti Paget Judson Todd Suzan Thomas
DVD | Release Date 02/21/2006 | 158 Mins. | $9.98 | ID0779SWDVD | 014381077926
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