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Midsomer Murders: John Barnaby's Top 10
Specially selected by Neil Dudgeon, who stars as DCI John Barnaby, these 10 standout episodes from the fabulously macabre detective drama are here presented in a collectible limited edition with witty and revealing anecdotes about the show’s production. Ever affable and amusing, Dudgeon introduces each mystery, sharing behind-the-scenes stories and favorite memories that explain his selections and provide a window into the on-set antics. With choices like funniest moment, favorite storyline, best costumes, and unlikeliest murder weapon, these entertaining episodes highlight the many charms that make this long-running British series a hit the world over. BONUS SPECIAL: 20 Things to Do in Midsomer…Before You Die Presented by John Nettles, the original DCI Barnaby, this hour-long documentary features stars past and present discussing the peculiar quirks of the delightful yet deadly county. Hear stories from the set and revisit the show’s most memorable moments, from famous guest stars to fatal festivals, with appearances by Neil Dudgeon, Daniel Casey, Jane Wymark, Jason Hughes, Nick Hendrix, and more.
DVD | Release Date 09/17/2019 | $99.99 | AMP2739 | 054961273997
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