Miss Fisher And The Crypt of Tears
NR | Mystery | Action  |  Adventure | Drama - Costume | Drama - Crime | Drama - Period
Glamorous lady detective Phryne Fisher returns in a cinematic sequel to the wildly popular television series Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. With her trademark wit, impeccable style, and trusty pearl-handled revolver, Phryne fights injustice on an international scale in this globe-trotting adventure. In 1929 Jerusalem, Phryne rescues a young Bedouin girl held captive after a village massacre and reunites her with her uncle at a stately English manor. But then a man claiming to have information for the girl is shot, leaving behind a mysterious pendant. Vowing to find the truth, Phryne enlists the help of handsome detective Jack Robinson to uncover priceless treasures, wartime secrets, and an ancient tomb bearing a terrible curse.
Tony Tilse
Essie Davis Izabella Yena Khaled Naga Miriam Margoles Nathan Page
Blu-ray Disc | Release Date 06/30/2020 | 102 Mins. | $24.99 | AMP2797 | 054961279791
DVD | Release Date 06/30/2020 | 102 Mins. | $24.99 | AMP2760 | 054961276097
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