Mother's Prayer, A
PG-13 | Drama | Stage Play | Urban
A MOTHER'S PRAYER, starring Robin Givens (Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys), Johnny Gill (legendary R&B singer), Shirley Murdock (Man of Her Dreams) and Jermaine Crawford (HBO's The Wire), tells the compelling, heartwarming tale of family members torn apart by their individual struggles. The only thing that can truly bring the family back together is a mother's dying wishes. With a lot of love, this family is about to learn the true meaning of the saying "the family that prays together stays together." Come along on an emotional journey through song, laughter and triumph.
Alvin Moore, Jr.
Robin Givens Johnny Gill Shirley Murdock Jermaine Crawford
DVD | Release Date 11/03/2009 | 103 Mins. | $9.98 | SWR6083DVD | 014381608328
DIGITAL | Release Date 11/03/2009 | 93 Mins. | SWR608300
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