New Wave, A
R | Action  |  Adventure | Comedy
Desmond (Andrew Keegan), a struggling artist working as a bank teller, and his unemployed roommate, Gideon (John Krasinski), are desperate to make both their dreams come true. Along with their partner in crime, Rupert (Dean Edwards), they plot a dramatic robbery targeting the bank where Desmond works. But when Gideon presents the plan as a flashy, movie-inspired screenplay involving underground gun deals, ski masks, bowling bags, and expensive suits, it becomes clear that they are in way over their heads. Desmond begins to have second thoughts about the robbery, after his girlfriend, Julie (Lacey Chabert), encourages him to pursue a career as an artist. Now he must choose between selling out...or cashing in.
Jason Carvey
Andrew Keegan Lacey Chabert John Krasinski Dean Edwards
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