Noonday Witch, The
NR | Horror | International | Supernatural | Exclusive & Original | All Movies
After her husband’s death, Eliska and her daughter move to a rural village in hopes of a fresh start. But it is not long before they hear the troubling tales of the mysterious woman who haunts the surrounding farm fields and abducts children in broad daylight. At first Eliska dismisses the rumors as a deranged fantasy. But when her daughter starts to show signs of abnormal and erratic behavior, Eliska realizes her new home is not safe. Now she must protect her family from the great evil that is tearing them apart.
Jiri Sádek
Anna Geislerová Karolína Lipowská Zdenek Mucha Daniela Kolárová Jirí Strébl Marie Ludvíková
Blu-ray Disc | Release Date 10/15/2019 | $28.97 | SHU10661BD | 014381106619
DVD | Release Date 10/15/2019 | $14.95 | SHU10656DVD | 014381106565
DIGITAL | Release Date 10/15/2019 | SHU1065600
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