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On the Road, Set 3
Documentary | Special Interest | Television
The beloved Emmyr-winning series that began on the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. For 20 years beginning in 1967, Charles Kuralt wandered America's byways in search of the unusual and the overlooked. He and his small crew logged more than a million miles and wore out six motor homes. For his homespun vignettes of everyday life, Kuralt won an Emmyr and three Peabody Awards and became a household name. Kindhearted, avuncular, and unquenchably curious, Kuralt pulled off the road for all sorts of people: horse traders and hex-sign painters, teachers and tinkerers, singing mailmen and steamboat captains, sociable folks and loners (like the man who lived on a glacier in the shadow of Mt. McKinley). By shining a spotlight on those who had gone unnoticed, Kuralt revealed that each of us is noteworthy. Time capsules of a bygone era, these gentle stories are reminders of what makes America great. They remain deeply meaningful, poignant, and truthful today.
Charles Kuralt
DVD | Release Date 10/26/2010 | 294 Mins. | $39.99 | AMP8459 | 054961845996
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