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One Shocking Moment / The Abnormal Female / The Maidens of Fetish Street
NR | Cult Movie | Cult Movie
Name Your Kink! Though Cliff Newhall loves his wife, he also loves to play -- especially after he goes to a nightclub run by Tanya, a scary semi-lesbian who doubles as a dominatrix. Pretty soon, Cliff is not only having a fling with his boss's secretary, but throws himself an intimate little orgy at Tanya's until - oops! - ONE SHOCKING MOMENT changes everything in this lurid sexploitation opus from the director of The Corpse Grinders!Plus: Vickie is a sadist who loves "punishing" her boyfriend. Sherry likes "dirty sex" and being called "dirty words." Kathy enjoys "finding herself in strange beds" with men she doesn't know. And Janet and Barbara both learn they prefer loving the ladies. They're sick and they're proud, and they're all patients of a shrink who specializes in THE ABNORMAL FEMALE.... And: Let "the Basic Urge of Lust and Passion" unleash the demons in your subconscious when you join creepy Nick for a visit with THE MAIDENS OF FETISH STREET. After a burlesque stripper arouses his "tormented desires," Nick heads for The House of Fetish - where his idea of romance is to have a hooker pour molasses and ants over his head - in this perversely grim combination nudie noir and semi-roughie also known as The Girls on F Street!
George Rodgers Saul Resnick Ted V. Mikels
Pamela Berkley Ken McCormick Lee Anna Toni Lee Oliver Gary Kent
DVD | Release Date 09/12/2006 | 193 Mins. | $14.98 | ID3178SWDVD | 014381317824
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