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Party Hard, Die Young
NR | Horror | Foreign Language | Horror | Mystery - Murder | Thriller | International | Killers | Extreme
Sun, sand, sex and all-night dancing at a beautiful island resort is the perfect graduation celebration for a group of young friends looking for one last taste of freedom before they go their separate ways. But the dancing and drinking come to a halt when people start disappearing, and a masked murderer sends the ominous message…this party will be their last! With escape to the mainland suddenly cut off and the body count rising, a wild weekend turns into a desperate and bloody nightmare of survival.
Dominik Hartl
Elisabeth Wabitsch Michael Glantschnig Ferdinand Seebacher Valerie Huber Marlon Boess Edita Malovcic Markus Freistätter
DVD | Release Date 04/21/2020 | $27.97 | SHU12773DVD | 014381127737
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