NR | Sci-Fi  |  Fantasy | Action  |  Adventure | Feature
Mankind has taken his next big step: a state-of-the-art city called New Town, completely run by robots serving all of humanity's needs. Reporter Christiane Nouveau (Zoe Naylor, The Reef) and her crew are covering the new breakthrough, but something is about to go horribly wrong when a robot suddenly shoots down an innocent football player. Now a battle for survival has begun as Christiane captures every stunning development in the shocking robot revolution live on camera. recording each moment as our last great hope becomes our worst nightmare. Filled with explosive special effects and relentless action, this chilling sci-fi vision of the future will blow you away!
Christopher Hatton
Zoe Naylor Graham Sibley Edward Foy Lani Tupu
DVD | Release Date 04/17/2012 | 84 Mins. | $14.98 | BLE7973DVD | 014381797329
DIGITAL | Release Date 04/17/2012 | 84 Mins. | BLE797300
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