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Shame of Patty Smith, The / You've Ruined Me Eddie!
NR | Cult Movie
If you were a woman, you'd understand.... Poor pretty Patty. An "average American girl," she goes on a quiet date with her boyfriend and ends up getting raped by three psychotic thugs. Too embarrassed to report it to the police and advised by her boyfriend to "forget the whole thing," The Shame of Patty Smith intensifies when her doctor tells her she's pregnant! Not wanting to deliver a child conceived in violence, Patty seeks an abortion. Trouble is, the year is 1962 -- Roe v. Wade is still 11 years away -- and finding a doctor that will perform the operation means going underground, starting with a greasy bartender who sets her up to be "butchered by an untrained charlatan...." With a good cast and the extra gloss from being shot at Republic Studios, here's an exploitation B that tries to go B+ by treading a fine line between social consciousness and teensploitation-style sensationalism!Plus: "You've Ruined Me Eddie!" is what rich teenage sex kitten Joan Denton tells lower-class lunkhead Eddie Mercer upon learning she's pregnant. But though nice-guy Eddie wants to get hitched and raise the kid, Joan doesn't want to get "fat and sick and ugly" and, instead, tells her Daddy to arrange for an abortion. Before long, Daddy is blackmailed, Eddie is beaten up by the local sheriff, and an out-of-her-mind Joan decides to murder Eddie in this wonderfully deranged Southern-fried rarity, aka Touch of Flesh! And remember: "Maybe the whole world's crazy... Crazy sick!"
Leo A. Handel R. John Hugh
Dani Lynn J. Edward McKinley Jeanne Rainer Ted Marshall Merry Anders Sue Ellis
DVD | Release Date 07/06/2004 | 165 Mins. | $9.98 | ID2176SWDVD | 014381217629
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