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Saint, The: Set 2
Action  |  Adventure | British TV
Simon Dutton (Dangerous Beauty, By the Sword Divided) returns for more adventures as the dashing Simon Templar, known from his initials as the Saint. Created by Leslie Charteris, Templar is a brilliant sleuth, an unrepentant womanizer, and a thorn in the side of police everywhere. Both pirate and philanthropist, more devilish than saintly, he solves crimes with a lazy smile and without wrinkling his Savile Row suit. Filmed in Paris, Berlin, and the English countryside, these three feature-length movies find the Saint in pursuit of a known terrorist, investigating a deadly corporate takeover, and solving the murders of several scientists. Guest stars include Pamela Sue Martin (Dynasty), Morgan Brittany (Dallas), Malcolm Stoddard (The Campbells), and Vince Edwards (Ben Casey) as U.S. General Daniel T. Donovan. Includes Wrong Number, The Big Bang, and The Software Murders.
Henry Herbert Marijan Vajda Paolo Barzman
Simon Dutton
DVD | Release Date 02/03/2015 | 294 Mins. | $49.99 | AMP2326 | 054961232697
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