Sando: Series 1
Comedy | Other
Charismatic but conceited Victoria “Sando” Sandringham (Sacha Horler, Jack Irish, Crownies) made a name for herself as the “package deal queen” of her furniture empire. But after an outrageous indiscretion at the wedding of her daughter, Susie (Krew Boylan, A Place to Call Home), Sando’s family cut her out of their lives. Ten years later, Sando is being forced out of her company, too. With nowhere to go, she tries to worm her way back into her family’s good graces, but they have problems of their own. Susie’s patience is constantly tested byher dim-witted brother Eric (Dylan Hesp, Raw Comedy), while Sando’s ex, Don (Phil Lloyd, The Moodys), is having an affair with his daughter’s best friend (Adele Vuko, Underbelly). As tension builds in the household, can Sando win back her family and her business, or will her selfishness be a deal breaker? With "echoes...of Arrested Development” (The Sydney Morning Herald), this madcap Australian comedy delivers riotous laughs and outlandish characters.
Christiaan Van Vuuren Connor Van Vuuren Erin White
Krew Boylan Phil Lloyd Sacha Horler Uli Latukefu
DVD | Release Date 09/25/2018 | 168 Mins. | $39.99 | AMP2675 | 054961267590
DIGITAL | Release Date 09/25/2018 | AMP267500
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