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Satan's Slaves
NR | Horror | International | Supernatural | Exclusive & Original | All Movies
After Rini’s mother dies from a mysterious illness, her ghost begins to appear throughout the house. Terrorizing the family, she lurks the hallways and calls out to them at night. To protect her little brothers, Rini traces back the roots of the evil and discovers the horrifying truth. Their mother has made a deal with the devil, and she has not returned to visit…she wants to take one of them with her.
Joko Anwar
Tara Basro Bront Palarae Dimas Aditya Endy Arfian Nasar Anuz Muhammad Adhiyat Arswendi Bening Swara Egy Fedly Ayu Laksmi Elly D. Luthan Fachry Albar Asmara Abigail
DVD | Release Date 08/04/2020 | $27.97 | SHU10663DVD | 014381106633
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