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Science of Measurement, The
Documentary | Special Interest
Measurement is a story as old as mankind itself. Since our ancestors first began to count the passing of the seasons, we have used it to help master and understand our world. But what is it that drives us to quantify and measure everything around us with ever greater levels of precision? Generation after generation, why has this quest continued to obsess the greatest minds of their day? Oxford mathematician Marcus du Sautoy (The Story of Math, The Code) explains how humans have succeeded in reducing the chaos and complexity of the world to just seven fundamental units of measurement-the building blocks of modern science. Embarking on a journey around the world and back in time, the series shows how measurements have shaped the course of history, science, and civilization-and changed every aspect of our daily lives.
Mike Cunliffe
Marcus du Sautoy
DVD | Release Date 03/11/2014 | 177 Mins. | $34.99 | AMP8996 | 054961899692
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